Shmuel Onn

                                             Professor of Operations Research
                                                           The Dresner Chair

                                                Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa



Research Interests: Algebraic and Geometric Methods for Discrete Optimization.
Brief Biography and Research Contributions Overview.

Selected Research Articles

Sparse Integer Programming is FPT (Hausdorff lecture, compact form, proceedings version, complete article )
Hypergraphic Degree Sequences are Hard (compact form)
Video Lecture Series on Discrete Optimization, 7 hours, MSRI Berkeley and YouTube.
Book on Nonlinear Discrete Optimization, 147 pages, European Mathematical Society.


Some Recent Invited Lectures (and More)

Jon-Shmuel Halfway to Twelfty, postponed to July 2022
IP in Parameter-Tractable Strongly-Polynomial Time, Dagstuhl Seminar on Parameterized Complexity, Germany, January 2019 (Photo)
IP in Parameter-Tractable Strongly-Polynomial Time, Oberwolfach Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization, Germany, November 2018 (Photo)
Advances in Integer Programming 1--2, Recent Advances in Parameterized Complexity, Tel Aviv, December 2017 (Video1, Video2)
A Polynomial Time Theory of Integer Programming, VOCAL Optimization Conference, Esztergom, Hungary, December 2016 (Photo)
Shifted Combinatorial Optimization, Discrete Optimization, FIM ETH Zürich, August 2016 (Photos)


Research and Awards

Research Articles & Research Talks
Honors and Awards
Research Contributions Overview


     Abridged CV
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     The Mathematical Archive

Mathematical Institutes

Center for Mathematical Sciences at the Technion
Mathematical Research Institute Berkeley; Video Lecture Series
Banff International Research Station; Photo from FRG stay 2010
Mathematical Institute Oberwolfach; Photos from RiP stays 2007

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