Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa


           Shmuel Onn

Professor of Operations Research
             The Dresner Chair



Research Interests: Algebraic and Geometric Methods for Discrete Optimization.
Brief Biography and Research Contributions Overview.

Selected Research Articles

Integer Programming in Parameter Tractable Strongly Polynomial Time and article
Hypergraphic Degree Sequences are Hard and compact form
An Invitation to Graver Bases Methods for Integer Programming and Multiway Tables:
Video Lecture Series on Discrete Optimization, 7 hours, MSRI Berkeley and YouTube.
Book on Nonlinear Discrete Optimization, 147 pages, European Mathematical Society.
Some Open Problems and Research Directions.


Some Recent Invited Lectures (and More)

IP in Parameter-Tractable Strongly-Polynomial Time, Dagstuhl Seminar on Parameterized Complexity, January 2019 (Photo)
IP in Parameter-Tractable Strongly-Polynomial Time, Oberwolfach Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization, November 2018 (Photo)
Advances in Integer Programming 1--2, Recent Advances in Parameterized Complexity, Tel Aviv, December 2017 (Video1, Video2)
A Polynomial Time Theory of Integer Programming, VOCAL Optimization Conference, Esztergom, Hungary, December 2016 (Photo)
Shifted Combinatorial Optimization, Discrete Optimization, FIM ETH Zürich, August 2016 (Photos)
Oberwolfach Workshop on MINLP, Mathematical Institute Oberwolfach, October 2015 (Photo)
Robust Integer Programming, Sevilla Workshop on MINLP, Mathematical Research Institute, Sevilla, April 2015 (Photo)
Integer Programming is Fixed Parameter Tractable, Workshop on Parametrized Complexity, Bertinoro, Italy, May 2014 (Photo)
COST Workshop on MINLP, Institut Henri Poincare, October 2013 (Article)
Oberwolfach Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization, Mathematical Institute Oberwolfach, November 2011 (Photo)
The Graver Complexity of Integer Programming, Discrete Optimization Workshop, IPAM, UCLA, Los Angeles, October 2010
Graver Bases & Nonlinear Integer Programming in Polynomial Time, GB Conference , Osaka, June 2010 (Video; Slides; Photo1; Photo2)
Nonlinear Discrete Optimization, Nachdiplom Lectures, FIM ETH Zürich, Spring 2009
BilleraFest, Cornell University, June 2008 (Photo1; Photo2)


Research and Awards

Research Articles & Research Talks
Honors and Awards
Research Contributions Overview


     Abridged CV
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     The Mathematical Archive

Mathematical Institutes

Center for Mathematical Sciences at the Technion
Mathematical Research Institute Berkeley; Video Lecture Series
Banff International Research Station; Photo from FRG stay 2010
Mathematical Institute Oberwolfach; Photos from RiP stays 2007

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