Talks from the Haifa SAT/SMT seminar.

# What Who When Solvers mentioned
1.Clause minimization Ofer S. 12.2.17 ContraSat, Lingelin, MiniSat
2.SAT framework Alex N. 5.3.17
3.Entropy Dor 26.3.17 CoMinisatPS, Glucause
4.Drup and interpolation Yael 23.4.17 AVY, ABC
5.On Computing Unsatisfiable cores Sasha 7.5.17 HMUC,HHLMUC, Muser2, MinisatAbbr, DRUPtrim
6.Parallel SAT Vadim 28.5.17 Treengeling, GlucoRed, MiniRed, Cube and Conquer
7.Inprocessing Shoham 18.6.17
8.Model rotation and theory rotation in unsat core extraction for SMT Ofer G. 15.10.17 Muser2, Tarmo, HSmtMuc
9.Interpolation sequences, PDR and AVY Emilia 5.11.17 AVY
10.AIG and CNF Preprocessing techniques. Links to This. Ofer S. 26.11.17 MiniCirc, PrecoSAT
11.Learning support sets in IC3 and QUIP Ryan 24.12.17 IC3, QUIP, Truss
12.The Cadical SAT solver Shoham 14.1.18 Cadical
13.MUS-es, MCS-es, Minimal safe inductive subsets Sasha 18.2.18 Camus, Marco, CAMSIS
14.Simultaneous Satisfiability Emilia 7.10.18
15.K-Fair Sasha 21.10.18
16.Satisfiability Directed Clause Learning Yael 30.12.18 Lingelin
17.Correct-by-Decision Reduction to Constraint Solving Alex N. 20.1.19
18.Approximately Propagation Complete and Conflict Propagating Constraint Encodings and supplement Ofer S. 10.3.19 Optic
19.Bitvector optimization Vadim 24.3.19
20.DRAT proofs and extended resolution Ofer G. 5.5.19
21.k-Avy Yakir 17.11.19 Avy
22.Quick-sampler Alex N. 1.12.19
23.MUS enumeration Sasha 15.12.19
24.Truth Assignments as Conditional Autarkies Shoham 5.1.20 Cadical
25.Symmetry breaking for CNF Ofer S. 26.1.20 Nauty, Saucy
26.ML for CDCL SAT Emilia 17.2.20 NeuroSAT