Selected on-line Presentations

Most of my powerpoint presentations can be found in my publications page, adjacent to the relevant article. In this page you will find some other presentations. Note: some of the older presentations below include equations generated by MathType (this was before texpoint days). This means that you will need to install the fences.ttf font to see them correctly.


·        SAT, CSP, and proofs (HVC'13 tutorial) power-point.

·        Regression verification: proving the equivalence of similar programs (CAV'09 invited talk) power-point


·        CAV'06:Deriving small unsatisfiable cores with dominators power-point


·        SSPV'06:HaifaSat, and itnegrating Hints with SAT power-point


·        SAT solvers: an overview power-point

·        Tuning SAT Checkers for Bounded Model Checking: An Overview. power-point

·        Workshop on Constraints in formal Verification (CFV’02): SAT-based abstraction/refinement in model checking power-point

·        Workshop on Constraints in formal Verification (CFV’02): A failed attempt to optimize variable ordering with tools for constraints solving power-point

·        A draft presentation for FMCAD02, Oregon, Nov. 2002: On solving Presburger and linear arithmetic with SAT power point

·        CAV02, Copenhagen, July 2002: Deciding separation logic with SAT power-point

·        Technion 01/ CMU 02:  Heuristics for efficient SAT solving (as implemented in Grasp, Chaff and Gsat)  power point

·        IBM seminar (Haifa), March 2000/ CAV00 (July 2000): Tuning SAT checkers for Bounded Model Checking power-point

·        CAV99, Trento (Italy), July 1999: Deciding equality formulas by small domain instantiations Power-point

·        Uninterpreted functions series, Technion, Dec. 98 Power-point and postscript

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