Note: Some of the presentations below were made with the help of TexPoint. If you do not have TexPoint installed then 1) you should 2) if you choose not to install it, you will need to install the following two fonts in order to see the math properly: cmmi10 and cmsy10.

Automatic Verification, Winter 08


Decision Procedures -- an algorithmic point of view (see the slides link)

(check out also the more updated 2016 version of this course, which has more emphasis on SAT. One of the presentations in this set -- a preliminary about prop. logic -- is in Hebrew, but you can use the propositional-logic primer in English from the above web site instead).


Computer Technologies, Spring 2010. This course (in Hebrew) has two parts: the first follows the first few chapters of 'Computer Systems - a programmer's perspective' / Bryant and O'hallaron, and focuses on data representation, machine language and program optimization. The second part focuses on operating systems and is mostly based on the Technion's introductory OS course that is given in CS.