A university-scheduling (time-tabling) system (scheduling of courses/classes/exams), developed at the Technion.

Here are some sets of optimization benchmarks in six formats: opb, smt2, wcnf, mod (cplex), mzn (minizinc), and cnf (the cnf benchmarks are satisfiability problems set to a specific value of the objective function):

July_2016 (304 Mb)

Dec_2016 (436 Mb)

Sep_2017 (324 kb) [As of this set, the .mod and .mzn formats are included].

Sep_2017 (34 kb) (much smaller benchmarks; best for initial testing)

12 Benchmarks (mixed hardness). (50 Mb). Here is a comparison of some leading tools (Naps, Z3, Cplex, mscg, HCSP) on these benchmarks (Hint: Z3 is the big winner).

March_2018 12 Benchmarks, mixed hardness (889 MB)


Please see the readme file for more details.

Further reading:

Near-Optimal Course Scheduling at the Technion. Interfaces, Volume 47 Issue 6, November-December 2017, pp. 537-554.


Contact: Ofer Strichman (ofers AT ie.technion.ac.il)