Non-Cooperative Game Theory 096570

October 2002

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Four introductory slides in Hebrew: Four slides in Hebrew

The course slides (English only) in pdf format, a power point presentation ( this course covers Part 1, Part 2, and Part 4):

  • Part 1:   Games in Strategic Form (Version 3.01, slides 1-109). Part 1
  • Part 2:   Games in Informational Form (Version 3.0, slides 1-22). Part 2
  • Part3:   Bayesian Games (not ready yet).
  • Part4:   Multistage Games with Perfect Information ( not ready yet)
  • Part5:   Multistage Games with Imperfect Information (not ready yet).
  • Part6:   Multistage Games in Informational form (not ready yet).
  • Part7:   Bayesian Multistage Games (not ready yet).
  • Math.  Background: Math Background

    Versions 2.* are old. I have made an extensive revision

    If you intend to take the Oct. 2002 course, please do not take the older versions (2.*) from previous participants in the course.

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