Games in Informational Form

Formal Lecture Notes: NASSLLI03_Monderer.pdf

Pages 2-21 contain 81 Powerpoint slides, 4 on a page. If you wish to have the complete PowerPoint version of these slides click here MondererPPT.ppt the PDF version of this slides is here: MondererPPT.pdf

The current version of my course on Non-Cooperative game theory, where you can find proofs of most of the theorems can be located at: A course on Non-Cooperative game Theory

My invited lecture to TARK is about two papers.

1. Bundling Equilibrium in Combinatorial Auctions, co-authored with Ron Holzman, Noa Kfir-Dahav, and Moshe Tennenholtz. This paper is part of the formal lecture notes. However, if you do not attend my class you may wish to download it separately: Bundling Equilibrium in Combinatorial Auctions

2. Characterization of Ex Post Equilibrium in the VCG Combinatorial Auctions co-authored with Ron Holzman: char7.pdf

My homepage is here: Dov Monderer and my email address is E-mail: