Carmel Domshlak

Associate Professor


   Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management

tel: +972.4.8294437 | fax: +972.4.8295688


My primary research interest is in Artificial Intelligence (AI) computational and modeling problems, with an emphasis on interesting structure/complexity connections that can be found in different tasks of automated reasoning such as domain-independent planning, multi-agent system design, and user-centric information systems (via preferential reasoning). The recent focus of my work has been on heuristic-search planning, Monte-Carlo techniques for online planning in complex environments, planning for fault tolerance, and parametric complexity of various fragments of planning tasks. I am also getting more and more interested in foundations of planning for multi-agent systems. Tangentially, I am also interested in problems that lie on the boundary between computer science and social choice, e.g., various settins of rank aggregation, voting, recommendation, etc. (Disclaimer: my "research focus" appears to be quite a moving target as there are simply too many interesting questions ...)



  • Most techniques developed together with my co-authors in the area of heuristic-search classical planning are either already integrated or in the process of getting integrated within the Fast Downward planner.

  • Probabilistic-FF   [Domshlak & Hoffmann, ICAPS-06, JAIR-08] is a domain independent planning system developed in collaboration with Jörg Hoffmann (and implemented solely by Master Jörg!). The system deals with conformant probabilistic planning problems in which actions have stochastic effects, and the initial configuration of the agent is given by a (Bayesian net) probability distribution over the world states.